Light the Way

by Gia

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released May 28, 2013


all rights reserved



Gia San Diego, California

Gia is a singer/songwriter, yoga and meditation teacher, and sound healer. From Gia’s background in yoga and spiritual studies, she uses her music to communicate healing messages to her audience. Her ultimate dream is to help others find a higher purpose for living and to bring them "home" in a sense with her healing musical vibrations ... more

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Track Name: For Aaron

"It's tryin' times in these confining lines that define good and bad
And we don't know which way to go, life is making us so sad
Questions abound, answers unfound, confusion's all around
But deep inside's a burning light that will guide us to our home

So just breathe deep, try not to lose sleep
Cuz when it's said and done, you know a day will come when we are shining under the sun
I said breathe deep, don't make your faith weak
Cuz when our hearts are whole, we can claim control as this crazy life unfolds

So ya say she's gone away, but she's still smiling in your mind
Future's untold but as you grow, a girl just right for you you'll find
Your heart may break and you lose your faith, but no it's not the end
Cuz with a peace of mind, you'll forgive, unwind, and with yourself you'll make amends

Repeat Chorus"
Track Name: One Voice

"There is one voice
There is one voice
There is one heart filled with light

There is one voice
Deep inside
There is one heart burning bright

There is one voice
There is one voice
There is one heart filled with light

There is one voice
Deep inside
Bring me home
I said bring me home"
Track Name: Golden Day

"Dreamweaver take me to the sky
Turn me into a butterfly
Cocooned inside I might just die
The world waits for me to fly

With a sky so high and a sea so deep, I know why my spirit is free
When it's really meant to be, the stars align through space and time, making way for souls with a dream
Miracles happen every day to those who wait, place faith in fate
I know I'm on my way to that golden day

Star ship, take me on a flight
No place in mind just somewhere out of sight
The world weighs too heavy on my wings
Open me up cuz I really need to sing

Repeat Chorus

Spirit so high, dreamweaver in the sky
I just might go for a ride, making dreams collide

Repeat Chorus"

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